Upcoming Release: Those Old Days – Vagabond Flag


After the success of his most recent single Not Afraid, VAGABOND FLAG is due to release the second single, Those Old Days.

In his latest offering, the London-based rocker addresses taking a retrospective look on life – the benefits of being older and confident, whilst also growing more and more cynical. The four-minute production also addresses the excitement and innocence of youth, before it fades and pleads not to forget the beauty of impeccability and naivety that we are all blessed with when we are young.

The track is perfectly topped off with soaring guitar riffs and laid back vocals that possess a reminiscent quality of 90’s British rock music.

Those Old Days is due for release on 15th December , with the album coming out on the 12th January.


Upcoming Release: Stuck – Scarlet Baxter

SCARLET BAXTER is back with her second release, Stuck out on 15th December.

The fierce Pop Princess enjoyed  success of her previous single Backsliding, which generated attention from labels like Sony.

Her latest effort bears the strong influence of chilled-out  90’s RnB. Topped with her killer soulful vocals, Stuck is a must-have for any classic RnB music collection.