EP Review: Nobody Listens – Chris Patrick

Chris Patrick Nobody Listens

At beginning of this year CHRI DOLLASIGN released mixtape, S**t Real. Now almost eight months later, he extended the six-track production to a full-length EP, Nobody Listens under the new name, CHRIS PATRICK.

The added tracks (Live from The Living Room, Do Me Wrong and HighLife) boasts a more uptempo bassline where the South Carolina’s artist tighter-than-tight raps pours out pure emotion and passion – he has come a very long way in eight months!

To check out Nobody Listens EP, head right here.

The #MustListens: Live from The Living Room, Do Me Wrong, Forgive Me, I Don’t Mind (S**t Real)

EP Review: Escape – Bella Loka

Bella loka Escape

Originally from Bristol, husband and wife act BELLA LOKA moved to London’s Camden Town to work on their latest project, Escape set for release on 2nd September.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the five-track production features singer/songwriter Tea Boothby’s angelically-light vocals which lures you ¬†into a colourful fusion of 80-esque indie pop and refreshingly-sweet electronic (slightly rock) melodies (well executed by David Boothby).

With the support of loyal fans, funds were raised for Escape through a ¬£10000 Kickstarter campaign…after sampling the EP, It’s very safe to say that this couple did their fans proud.

The #Mustlistens: Escape, Alive, Wake Up (You Could Do Much Better)

Mixtape Review: The Greatest Show On Thirst – Cypher Clique

Cypher Clique The Greatest Show on Thirst


Delaware hip-hop group CYPHER CLIQUE dropped their mixtape, The Greatest Show on Thirst earlier this month.

The ingenious balance of a super smooth bass and that lick of sweet melody just cruises throughout the 17-track album. The trio said their latest mixtape is ‘suited to a summer playlist’ – I disagree. The project is also well suited for kicking back on those autumn and winter nights. To check out The Greatest Show on Thirst, head right here.

The #Mustlistens: Friends with Benefits, Good Money, Mastermind, Champagne Dreams.