Song of the Day: Ultimate Feeling – Sir Basstoven

sir basstoven

Devon Burch – aka SIR BASSTOVEN – is on cloud nine right now. Why? Because he recently received 3,000 streams on SoundCloud. To celebrate this achievement, he dropped an out-of-sight track, reflecting that Ultimate Feeling.

If you’re digging this track, look out for more projects from SIR BASSTOVEN. The dubstep maestro will drop another banger when he receives 5,000 streams…which I suspect will be very soon…so keep your eyes peeled on NEW LEASE MUSIC.

New Music Video: Godlike – Puzzle

Brazilian born, London-based collaborative artist PUZZLE has recently released a video to the debut single Godlike, released last week.

With a strong interest in gaming, fantasy and digital art, PUZZLE wanted to create a striking concept for the video that captures the emotional heart of the song in abstract form. Approaching creative studio Territory, their response references geometric shapes, bold colours and surreal environments in a low poly head concept that creates a layer of mystery and fantasy by showing PUZZLE in 3D form.

Godlike is available on all major music outlets.

EP Review: Blood Is Thicker Than Water – Sticky Blood

sticky blood EP

Following a string of recent releases, beat maestros STICKY BLOOD aren’t buggering off on a holiday just yet. Instead, they’re more than eager unleash their second EP this year, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, out today.

With an impressive lineup – from the fabulous Terri Walker to up-and-coming singer and firm collaborator Hekky – the five track offering features a futuristic twist on electronic dance music, drum and bass and (occasionally dubstep) with a heavy lick of the grittiest grime. All this concoction makes a very interesting listening indeed – even if you’re not a great lover of the aforementioned genres.

Must Listens: Balance (watch the video here), Pick You Up, Let Me Down.

Get your copy via iTunes.

New Track! No.1 – Felix De Luca

He couldn’t wait til the summer’s done, so he dropped another one!

Following the release of his EP A.r.t, Copenhagen slick hip-hopper FELIX DE LUCA has hooked up with fellow native producer Dontaxaboutit for a vintage hip-hop/A Tribe Called Quest-esque slammer, No.1.

So true hip-hop heads, if you haven’t of this little treasure (tucked away in the Danish capital), I think it’s high time you check out his effortless flow that takes you back to the 90s golden era…you should know what to do by now, hit that play button like NOW!

New Track! Take Me Old – Daudi Matsiko

Daudio Matsiko

Songwriter DAUDI MATSIKO  gives a heavy dose of dulcet tones and emotionally honest music with latest single Take Me Old, coming from his upcoming EP, The Lingering Effects Of Disconnection.

The three-minute production speaks of love transcending old age, reflected in the lyrics: “I may forget faces, names, our favourite memories, but know my heart is full”. Matsiko’s  soothing timbre floats above the light folk guitar of the track, creating an aura of comforting sadness, which is simultaneously open yet intimate. 

With roots in Uganda and the UK, Daudi’s love affair with music began at the tender age of 8, and began to flourish during his teenage years when he put pen to paper and began to write his own material. A crucial part of his existence, music has served as a therapeutic outlet, comforting him through the troubles life has thrown his way, and has led to the development of his sincere and heartfelt musical style. Having gigged prolifically around Nottingham to build his confidence, he is now set to support synthpop band  Portico in Sheffield, Manchester and London in November.

The Lingering Effects Of Disconnection EP is set for release on 27th November through his label; ok, alright.

Song of the Day: We On – Wunda


If you haven’t heard of WUNDA, I think it’s time you get to know him by checking out his super smooth effort, We On. From his forthcoming debut project, By Design, the three-and-a-half minute production, is sure to receive heavy airplay and open doors for this South African hip-hop newcomer…don’t miss out, hit the play button now!