Interview with: Lucchi

Lucchi 1

Jeffrey Lige – aka LUCCHI- is a force to be reckon with. Last year, his singles The Calling (Cold Flu), Why U Mad and Crazy were well received across the net. So what’s next for the hip-hop upcomer? Well let’s find out!

NLM:Hey how you doing? Congratulations on the success on your three tracks last year! So what projects are you working on at the moment?

LUCCHI: I’m blessed and thank you for the love. Lately I’ve been recording and trying to piece together an EP. I finally have a vision for it that I’m a keep under wraps for now. But I definitely plan to drop material and visuals for the people all the way up to its release date.


NLM:  Let’s take a look into your early life…What did you do before entering the music industry?

LUCCHI: I did a lot of things before I took music serious. I was an athlete in high school. Football was my first love. It was sports, school, and recording music with my day 1s.  I did a year at Jacksonville State University until life hit hard. I was back at home working a 9 to 5 to help my mom with bills. Funny thing is through it all, I was still recording music.

NLM: At what point did you want to become a hip-hop artist?

LUCCHI: I wanted to make music when I heard MC Hammer’s Pump And A Bump song, I think I was like 5 or 6 then. But I gotta give it to Michael Jackson because he made me want to be a performer.

NLM: Were you in a group before you decided to fly solo?

LUCCHI: Yea, The BlockBoyz, I always say that if we had the brains for business like we did marketing back then, we would be on lol.. we sold cds, had t-shirts, performed every weekend, and had the City going crazy, but sports was a lot of our dreams around that time.

NLM: what was for reason for flying solo?

LUCCHI: Well we all just grew out of it as a group.. some people got jobs, some people went off to school, some turned to the streets. I still have some of the same people with me that was in my life during those group days. Those are my day 1s, I don’t feel solo at all in a way.

NLM: You have an extensive discography that’s really impressive. What’s your favourite track and why?

LUCCHI: That’s a hard question considering that they all bring back memories during the time I wrote it. But if I had to choose one it would probably be The Calling because I feel like I got to drop knowledge and still make a dope record. The beat was crazy, the message was inspiring and makes me wanna go harder  every time I listen to it.


NLM: How would you describe your music? Would you compare yourself to any of your music influences?

LUCCHI: I would describe it as events of the good, bad, and ugly things in life. You don’t just get the turn up with me or just thought provoking music with me. My life is a story I’m writing through music and for that very reason I think I’m in my own lane and deliver quality music from my point of view of how it should sound and be delivered.

NLM: If you had a choice to collaborate with just ONE mainstream artist, who would it be and why?

LUCCHI: Kanye West. I just wanna feed off his creativity and discover and tap into my own creativeness more than I think is possible.

NLM:  If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

LUCCHI: Hmm.. if I really had 3. I wish class and racism was dead, I wish every disease was curable, and I wish they legalized Marijuana in every state in America. Lol I gave this some thought like I really had the wishes.


NLM: How can potential fans make contact with you?
my IG is ICU_Lookin4k

NLM: Before you sign off…what’s with the name Lucchi???

LUCCHI: It derives from the mobster Charles “Lucky” Luciano. I didn’t want people calling me Luci, so around that time we were putting “Chi” and “ski” on the end of words as slang so I put “Luc” from his name, symbolizing me wanting to become a boss of all bosses in this business and organize my family to be a profitable brand. And “Chi” symbolizes the time, where we started, and where we where in life when saying “chi” was cool. I think it’s funny how people think it’s a not so thought out name when I actually have meaning behind it.